Content Optimization

Is your copy crafted in a way that will trigger your prospects’ interest and convince them to convert?

The Holy Grail of Traffic

Advertising on social media and search engines is essential if you want to generate some traffic… but the real challenge is to do it correctly.

To make sure that you're continuously engaging with your audience, there is nothing like a CRO strategy that was thought-of and built for you.

Rank High

With CoffeeX as your partner, you can be sure to benefit from a complete process, including all the keyword research and meta-data you need to engage with your target audience, but also website optimization for all devices and browsers, and a full internal linking strategy.

Always be up to date

As the world is constantly evolving, so are search engine algorithms, and it can sometimes become quite tricky to know all the best practices in the art of SEO. But the fact remains that mastering it is mandatory if you want to attract and convert visitors.

Aurore BraultGrowth in France
CoffeeX provided insightful feedback on the FR market to help us adjust our content and ensure that we increase our lead generation and the quality of leads.

Catch Your Prospects Eye…

Having a website is great, but being found is better. And that is not very likely to happen if you're not ranked on the first page of Google. Being found more easily by your prospects should be your first motivation to work on your Content Optimization.

… Right Away

Without a meta-data written specifically for the search engines, it'll be very difficult for you to stand out from your competitors. The same goes for your overall copy if you want to convert the visitors you've managed to lure into your fold. To fix that, what you need is someone who can really highlight the key content you want to promote.

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