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CRO Audit

Are you optimizing your website to ensure the best customer experience?

Offer a Better User Experience

Generating a lot of traffic on your website is a good thing… but not if it comes with a high bounce rate.

To improve your website's effectiveness, you need to understand what makes your visitors drop out… And for that, what you need is Conversion Research.

Benefit from an effective approach

To help you identify the possible friction points creating dropout in your user journey, we have built an analysis process that mixes quantitative, qualitative, competition, and UX analysis.

Make strategic decisions

Run successful experiments

In order for you to convert more of your visitors, what we do is find evidence and understand what is really going on. As a result, the insights we find will enable you to make informed decisions.

This is the key to making consistent improvements and to running experiments that will move the needle.

Sophie SoeteHead of Growth
Throughout an easy collaboration, CoffeeX has helped us overcome some high-stake challenges such as starting up our operations on the French market and maintaining and improving our performance on ABM.

Make the Most Out of Your Website Visits…

Working on your Conversion Research will give you a clear understanding of your website. This external perspective will get you all the insights needed to run impactful experiments and make the right decisions to improve both your website and the user experience you're offering to your visitors.

… With the Right Analysis

we drill down your web analytics, heatmaps, user interviews and recordings and run some copy and user testing.

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