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Freelance CRO Consultant

Are you looking for help with conversion rate optimization?

Who am I?

My name is Aurélien, founder of CoffeeX, an agency specializing in conversion optimization for SaaS and e-commerce.

With a background in AI engineering, I have developed an analytical mindset that has become my main strength in the field of marketing. After 5 years of experience as a Freelance CRO specialist, and in the face of the growing success of my business, I made the decision in 2021 to take it to the next level by forming my own specialized team.

I offer CRO consultancy missions as a freelancer or with my team. I tailor my resources to meet the specific needs of each project.

Loved the experience with Aurelien, he helped clarify many questions we had during with our new CMS. He proved to be very proactive, and most importantly we relied on his feedback which contributed to our long term strategy!
FlorinaMarketing Manager

What Is a CRO Consultant?

A CRO consultant (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a strategist specialized in improving the conversion rate of websites or applications. The conversion rate corresponds to the percentage of visitors who perform a desired action on a website, such as making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, or filling out a contact form.

The primary role of a CRO expert is to understand why visitors on a website do not convert and identify solutions to improve this rate. After determining this, changes are implemented on a website to measure potential improvements and validate the hypotheses made. There are different tests such as A/B tests, Multivariate testing (MVT), or Bandit tests...

Here are some examples:

Issue: Users do not complete forms on the site.

Potential Solution: Reduce the number of fields to fill out, clarify the benefits of registration, and ensure the visibility of privacy policies to build trust.

Issue: Call-to-action buttons are not clicked enough.

Potential Solution: Test different positions on the page, revise the wording, and consider their context.

Issue: Visitors view products but do not proceed to purchase.

Potential Solution: Improve product descriptions, add customer reviews, offer demonstrations or samples, and highlight the unique benefits of the product.

What does a CRO specialist do?

A conversion optimization consultant can offer various types of support based on the project's needs, the current state of the website, and the client's internet team.

A typical process for a project consists of two stages: research/audit followed by an experimentation phase.

CRO Audit of the Website

The first stage of this support begins with a thorough analysis of the current site to identify weaknesses and improvement opportunities. The CRO consultant examines analytical data, observes user journeys, and may even conduct user tests to understand visitor behaviors and motivations.

Building a Roadmap

Based on the information gathered during the audit, the consultant develops a backlog of potential improvements and experiments. This list may include design changes, A/B tests on key elements of the site such as calls to action or landing pages, as well as content or usability improvements.

From this backlog, a roadmap is created, detailing the action plan over a specified period. This roadmap is essential for structuring the CRO approach, ensuring systematic and organized progress.


The second major phase of a project is taking action. The freelancer implements the actions defined in the roadmap, often starting with changes that have a high impact and low effort. This usually includes A/B testing to assess the effectiveness of different versions of a page or site element. Emphasis is placed on trying out new approaches, whether it's modifying design, content, or navigation structure, and measuring their impact on conversions.


Each action and test is accompanied by a reporting and measurement phase. The freelance CRO consultant analyzes test results, collects data, and presents detailed reports to the client. This step is crucial to understand what works and what doesn't. The insights gained are used to refine the ongoing strategy and plan the next steps. This continuous feedback loop ensures that the CRO approach remains aligned with the client's objectives and adapts to changes in user behavior.

It's essential for the freelancer to communicate regularly with the client, providing updates on progress and insights obtained from the collected data, as this information can already assist management in decision-making.

What Is the Average Daily Rate of a Freelance CRO Consultant?

By examining profiles available on freelancing platforms a CRO consultant charges an average daily rate of $1000.

However, this rate can vary significantly, including factors such as:

How Much Does a Project with a Freelance CRO Consultant Cost?

The minimum for a conversion optimization project would be to allocate two working days per month for your website, which represents approximately $2000 per month on average, or $24000 per year.

Following the discontinuation of the free A/B testing software Google Optimize, it is also necessary to consider the cost of a license to conduct effective A/B tests. The price of these software licenses is based on the volume of unique visitors per month to your website. On average, the minimum price for a license of established software is around $10,000 for 50,000 monthly visitors. This cost can increase if your site generates higher traffic.

By combining consulting services and the license for A/B testing software, the minimum annual budget for a conversion optimization project would thus amount to $34,000.

What Qualities Should a Good CRO Specialist Have?

The qualities of a good conversion rate optimization consultant depend mainly on how you work and what you expect for your business. However, there are essential points that every profile should have:

How to Hire a CRO Consultant?

When you are ready to work with a freelance or non-freelance CRO consultant, you need to know what to ask during an interview to ensure they are a perfect fit for your business.

To see if the candidate in front of you is the best you can find, we invite you to design a case with a current problem on your website. This way, you can see how the candidate would solve it and determine if their approach aligns with your way of working.

Freelance CRO or CRO Agency: Which to Choose?

The choice between collaborating with a freelance CRO consultant or a CRO agency depends mainly on your specific needs and personal preferences. A freelance CRO consultant is often ideal for smaller-scale projects or those looking for an initial dive into the world of conversion optimization. This option can provide a more personalized and flexible approach.

On the other hand, a CRO agency has more substantial resources and can invest a significant volume in your A/B testing programs. With a diversity of skills within their team, an agency can effectively fill gaps in your internal team, enriching your expertise with a wider range of services and perspectives.

I am available for freelance CRO consulting projects. However, if the scale of your project grows, I can also involve my team, adapting our collaboration to your specific needs. This flexibility ensures that we can handle projects of all sizes, offering you the best of both worlds.

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