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5 Conversion Killers and How to Get Rid of Them

December 5, 20226 min read

Has your conversion rate stagnated, or worse, decreased and you don’t know why? There can be several reasons for that, so figuring it out is important. In this article, we’ll tell you all about the 5 most common conversion killers we find when auditing websites and how you can get rid of them in order to get better results! 

Why you should work on your website conversions

Working on your CRO has many business benefits:

More insight about your customers

By understanding your customers’ pain points better, you’ll be able to engage in better communication with them. This means more customer information to help you create meaningful elements that will lead to a better positioning of your company. 

Optimized Business Metrics

By getting the most out of your current traffic, you’ll get more leads for the same budget, reduce your CaC (Customer Acquisition Costs) and generate a higher revenue through bigger cart sizes, lower churn rates, etc.).

Improved Customer Experience

People often think that CRO is all about conversion rates… and well, of course it is, but that’s not the only thing that matters. Customer Experience plays a big role in Conversion Rate Optimization, and improving it with clearer navigation throughout your whole customer journey will help you build a better brand image. In the end, this will also lead to more loyalty within your target audience.

5 conversion killers and their solutions

To improve not only your conversion rates, but also the user experience you’re offering, we’ll tell you all about 5 common conversion killers and how you can get rid of them.

Unclear targeting

Targeting the wrong audience will never help. Why? Because you’ll end up spending a lot of time and money trying to sell your product to people that might not be interested! You might see some initial traffic, but your visitors will quickly understand that your offer doesn’t match their needs, and you’ll end up getting no conversions at all.

🚀 CoffeeX’s solutions

Bad website usability

Businesses can experience a significant drop off in visitor rate for many reasons, but in general, we usually notice a lack of accessibility. That can come in a variety of forms, often including complex navigation that makes it difficult to find some key information. Potential customers may not know what action to take, or understand the steps you want them to follow within your conversion funnel. Even just a website that takes a lot of time to load is an accessibility and usability issue.

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Weak CTA

A weak CTA (and weak copy in general) will frustrate your prospects. If the consequences of clicking on a button are unclear, they won’t feel reassured and won’t dare to take action.

The most confusing call-to-action you could possibly use is Get started (sorry, not sorry). There is nothing blurrier than this CTA, because there’s no clear indication of what you’re getting started with. Is it a payment, a download, a subscription, something else?

🚀 CoffeeX’s solution

In our own experience at CoffeeX, changing your CTA to something that is more engaging and more benefit-focused can lead to a 30% increase in your conversion rate

Odd website design

Whether it’s spelling mistakes on your homepage to a problem in the scrolling on a blog article, or even a lack of graphical identity, an absence of consistency and clarity on your platform will not reassure your potential customers and will prevent you from building the trust you need to convert them.

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Unmapped customer journey

Some companies never even consider working on their customer journey. This funnel  –essential for your whole sales process – is what enables you to convert your visitors, whether it’s the first time they visit your website or are returning to it.

🚀 CoffeeX’s solution

If you’re having conversion problems, take a close look at your website. If you’re experiencing one of these 5 conversion killers, try to make some changes to analyze what works for your company! And for any help… 

Get started

(just kidding)

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