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How to Rethink your Copywriting Strategy

December 5, 20225 min read

To improve the copywriting on your website, you should try adopting the type of strategy that you’d use to win a chess game. Why? Because mastering the art of copywriting consists of anticipating every one of your prospects’ moves, just like you would with an opposing chess player. 

Oh and remember, both in chess and in copywriting, you’re the expert: you’re the one who knows the game and where you want to take your audience (spoiler alert: here, it’s to a conversion). 

Headline as your pawn

Your pawn makes the first move, and we’re telling you, it’s the most important one. If you’re convincing enough, you’ll attract the other player’s attention and get him to play your game. So, move two squares forward, go for it!

♟️ In your copy:

Work on a super catchy headline that will make your prospect want to learn more about your solution. Try focusing on a question they might be asking themselves, or that you have tips that might be useful for them. Arouse the feeling of curiosity within them, so that they’ll read further.

Rhythm as your rook 

Picture your copywriting rhythm like one that would occur in a real chess competition (yes, we’ve taken the game to an upper level now). You can’t even think of letting the other player rest, or worse, think that another game might be more interesting and less confusing than yours. That’s why you want to keep a constant rhythm by making small but regular moves with your rook. 

♟️ In your copy:

Focus on your product and make sure that you’re interesting enough that your prospect isn’t tempted to discover your competitor’s offer. In order to do that, write some short sentences. Also, remember that rhymes are a plus. They create cognitive fluency and make it easier for your prospect to both understand and remember your offer. 

Delayed transitions are another element that might help you make your copy less predictable, because although you should anticipate every one of your prospects’ moves, they shouldn’t be able to do the same with yours. So, to insert some delayed transitions in your copy, use “so” or “and” and other words that are similar at the beginning of some of your sentences. That might surprise your prospects a bit, but it will keep them focused and create links between your information. 

Alliteration as your bishop

There comes a time when you need to make your game memorable for the other player. To do so, try moving your bishop multiple times in a row. Why? Because this will put the emphasis on this specific piece. 

♟️ In your copy:

Use some alliterations. An alliteration is when you repeat some phonemes or sounds to highlight something in particular. For example, consider the expression “More fools, more fun.” It works, right? (Well, maybe just not when playing chess, because you can only do that in pairs… but you get the idea!)

Alliterations will attract your prospects’ attention. This is something that is commonly used by well-known brands such as Coca-cola, Dunkin Donuts, Paypal, or even in some concepts like Bed & Breakfast, for example. The feeling of repetition makes them easier to remember.

Distraction as your knight

The knight is a piece that seems inoffensive at first, because he’s cute and all that, but let’s be clear, that’s all a distraction. This is the piece that will help you get closer to your goal, which is… *drum roll* defeating the king! Using it will distract your prospect, because it doesn’t move in a common way (for those who don’t play chess, he moves in a “L” form, where the other pieces move vertically, diagonally or horizontally). 

♟️ In your copy:

When working on your copywriting, distraction can come through presupposition. For example, tell your prospects about how life would be easier for them if they chose your solution. They will assume that their life is currently difficult, and start picturing things the way you want them to. And in the end, they’ll be more likely to choose your solution, because it feels like it’s coming from them, not from you. 

You can also give your prospects some advice like “If I were you, I would choose this offer in particular, but you are completely free to choose another one!” and once again, they’ll be inclined to choose the one you recommended instead of the others.

CTA as your queen

Now that the other player’s guard is down, it’s time to get to their king with your queen! 

♟️ In your copy:

Come up with a strong and well-thought out CTA that highlights the benefits of your offer. Seduce your prospects and then, well, we can say it: checkmate! You’ve won the game and a new conversion! 

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