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8 Landing Page Do’s and Don’ts You Should Know

February 21, 20237 min read

So far, you’ve managed to generate a lot of traffic on your website, especially on your landing page. But unfortunately, your conversion rate hasn’t been keeping up and you can’t understand why. Let’s take a closer look at this together! 

In this article, we’ll explain the purpose of a landing page, including why it’s crucial for your business and how you can improve it in order to increase your revenues. 

So stay here and start scrolling! 

What is a landing page, exactly?

A landing page is meant to help you convert more of your online visitors into leads. In exchange for their conversion, you provide them with some content that will interest them and make your offer seem more appealing. It’s the page that allows you to brag about your product, demonstrating its added value to convince your prospects that they need it. 

The benefits of having an effective landing page

We’d summarize the importance of having a good landing page with these three main benefits: more conversions, additional insights into your target audience, and a good first impression. Let’s take a look at each of them.

More conversions

Optimizing your landing page is something that will help you convert more of your online visitors by providing:

Additional insights into your target audience 

Analyzing the statistics from your landing page will reveal some key information about your different ad campaigns and whether they’re effective. For example, a  heatmap on your landing page might help you discover which highlighted feature gets the most attention and what is overlooked by your audience. This data will give you the opportunity to optimize your future acquisition strategy. 

A good first impression

Presenting your audience with a well-designed landing page will enable you to build brand recognition. How? By impressing your visitors with a great display of your offer. A good landing page will let them know that your solution is specifically made to help them solve their problems.

To learn more about landing pages in general and why you should work on them, we’ve developed a full article to help you optimize your landing page conversion rate

In order to be able to benefit from these three things, your landing pages need to be optimized. So now we’ll share 8 do’s and don’ts you should know about

8 landing page essential do’s and don’ts 

DON’T redirect your audience to your other pages

If there’s one thing to avoid with your landing page, it’s redirecting your target audience to other pages of your website. Why? Because it causes distraction. Imagine yourself as a customer: you’re not sure about whether you want to buy the product yet, but you’re gathering some information about the brand and some competitors. You arrive on a brand’s landing page (where you’re supposed to learn more about their offer) and the first thing you see is a link to their blog page. 

Well, it’s nice to have a blog, nothing wrong with that, but that’s not the point here. Potential customers are here just to get more information about an offer.

Imagine, you go on the blog, read an article, then another, then another, and this third article is about a completely different offer and concept. You might end up forgetting why you came in the first place, and then leave the website without taking any action. 

So maintain focus. Try to keep people on your landing page and get them to click on your conversion button!

DO provide just the right information

Finding the perfect balance between too much and not enough information is a complex task, we know that. But it’s essential if you want to convert. Providing your visitors with too much information might be overwhelming and they’ll leave. But not enough information about your product on your landing page will keep your prospects from identifying themselves as your target audience and understanding that your solution is the one they need.

So go straight to the point. Try to write enough information that will arouse your potential customers’ curiosity and make them want to discover your product. 

DON’T require lots of scrolling

Nowadays, we want to get everything immediately. When we have a question, we want to find the answer as quickly as possible. Just as an example, some people might not be reading this full article, but just the main titles or the bold text, looking for whatever really interests them. 

So, once again, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. I’m selling you an amazing offer on Facebook. You click and end up on my landing page, but above the fold, there is absolutely no information about my product. If you’re really interested in my brand, you might scroll, but otherwise, you might think that you’ve ended up on the wrong page or that I’m not selling the thing I’ve advertised, and you’ll leave my platform.

So be quick. Your prospect should get everything they need without scrolling. Also, don’t use too many layers on your website.. Otherwise, your prospect might feel a little overwhelmed. (There’s already the cookie layer that is always late for the party because browsers are kinda slow. That’s enough.) 

DO insert one call-to-action per landing page

Imagine arriving at a supermarket that you’ve never set foot in before, but you can’t manage to find the damn bread. Annoying, right? Well, that’s what happens when your prospect arrives on your website and isn’t able to identify your call-to-action. 

To avoid this feeling of frustration, your CTA needs to be visible and to stand out from the rest of your landing page. Also, don’t put more than one CTA on the page. I don’t know about your supermarket, but mine only sells bread in one place. So, since your landing page should have only one goal, don’t try mixing a signup button with an ebook download, for example.

DON’T focus on your CTA’s action

When implementing a CTA button, don’t put the emphasis on the action in your copy, such as “download.” For your visitors, this feels as if they’re the one making an effort in order to please you, while in fact, you should be the one making the effort to please them

So think “results.” Your CTA should feel like a reward that you’re offering to your prospects. To give them this feeling, we advise you to go for “receive” instead of “download,” for example.

DON’T propose multiple offers

While working on improving your landing page, one of the main things that you need to do is make sure that you’re proposing only one offer. Should you have different offers, then create several landing pages. Otherwise, your prospect might hesitate and end up not choosing anything.

A quick caveat: sometimes, proposing two offers, including one that is less appealing and less advantageous next to the one you want to push, might result in an increase in your conversions. So test it out and see what works for you! 

DO build one landing page per persona

The only way to address your persona in a personalized way and to relate to their specific needs is to focus your landing page only on them. In this way, your target audience can easily understand that the offer you’re selling is designed for them. If you’re targeting multiple personas, we recommend you develop several landing pages with different visuals, offers and tones of voice, to resonate with the accurate audience. 

DO test, test, and… test again.

All customers are different, and it’s the same for businesses. We always advise you to change one thing at a time on your landing page and see what’s the most effective for you. 

Don’t rush (we know, you would like to have everything right away, we do too). Optimizing a landing page correctly requires patience and hard work. To figure out where to start and have some experts review your existing landing page, get in touch. Our team will be happy to help you!

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